Academics are professional thinkers and communicators. They are writers, speakers, innovators, teachers and leaders and can do this through a wide range of platforms, such as journals, books, blogs, lectures and seminars (public and teaching), videos, podcasts and more. Academics endeavour to contribute to improvements in practice, influence a new generation of professionals, and develop innovative ways of thinking about some of the key issues in their field.

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Rangatira Leaders

Dr Ihirangi Heke
Dr Lynne Russell
Dr Wayne Ngata
Dr Willy-John Martin
Dr Sylvia Van Altvorst
Moe Caroline Milne
Dr Kahu McClintock
Dr Jordan Waiti
Dr Hinemoa Elder
Dr Heather Gifford
Dr Fiona Cram
Dr Dianne Wepa
Professor Denise Wilson
Dr Chellie Spiller
Dr Amohia Boulton
Sir Mason Durie
Chris Webber
Cindy Mokomoko
Dr Moana Eruera
Associate Professor Leonie Pihama
Dr Tess Moeke-Maxwell
Mere Hammond