Dr Chellie Spiller Ngāti Kahungunu

Chellie is a passionate and committed advocate for Māori business development. Her vision is to create relational wellbeing and wealth across spiritual, environmental, social, cultural and economic dimensions. Creating transformation enabling people to claim their rightful place in the world, and embody their sense of self.

Chellie’s leadership qualities are nourished by her academic achievements. Chellie was a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Arizona. She is a recipient of a Research Excellence Award, Dame Mira Szászy Māori Alumni Award1 and National Māori Academic Excellence Award.

She is a co-author of the book Wayfinding Leadership: Ground-breaking Wisdom for Developing Leaders, with Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr and John Panoho2. Her ability to work collaboratively with these inspirational leaders has led to the development of Wayfinding as a transformational way to establish authentic leadership.

‘Wayfinding Leadership’ training programmes are growing. Chellie speaks locally and internationally on Wayfinding Leadership, authentic leadership, governance, leadership and decision-making, and how businesses can create sustainable wealth and wellbeing. In 2013 her co-edited book with Donna Ladkin, Reflections on Authentic Leadership: Concepts, Coalescences and Clashes, was published by Edward Elgar Press.

Key influencers for Chellie include, her grandmother Wikitoria Wairakau Te Taite Whare Atkinson along with other Māori elders, including Jane Marsden (Ngā Puhi) and Pereme Porter (Ngā Puhi), who, along with her mother Monica Stockdale, have mentored and guided Chellie to embody the human qualities of humility, generosity, grace, wisdom, humanity, deep faith and service in their leadership.

Her father influenced her from an early age, Tony Stockdale was an explorer of the universe and imparted his love of cosmology and philosophy to Chellie. Her husband Roger Spiller a well-known advocate for responsible investment and business ethics has been a supportive foundation to Chellie’s success.

She is an ardent and receptive learner of the karanga and moving through the world in a wairua way. In this fast-paced business world Chellie’s transformational leadership vision, kaupapa, is bringing humanity and spirituality back into the workplace, empowering people to create both cultural and economic business success both locally and globally. After all…

He aha te mea nui o te ao? What is the most important thing in the world? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.

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